adding epoch time

Not pretty but it works…

After a power cut had stopped the data recording I decided to follow up on my post of storing the date in epoch format and not date/time converting the existing db to add an epoch column, what follows is not pretty probably not something anyone should follow. It's cobbled together from my beginners knowledge and of course internet searches…

I added an extra column manually using DB Browser for SQLite and then programmatically converted the combined date and time into epoch

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Poor choice at db creation

OK i've been ignoring brexit and the fact our politicians were granted a delay and promptly went on holiday….

So its been a little journey into utilising the data i've recorded for the last 9 months in an sqlite db and its at this point i realise that perhaps whilst my data is readable to me without parsing i should have stored dates/times in a different format.

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sql learning and poor decode routine

Since converting to storing the data in sqlite form i've been learning how to extract specific sections of data ready to then learn how to graph it and serve on the home dashboard and during these experiments i can see my decode routine is not quite as efficient as i originally thought as it lets through non-numeric data so lets look at the sql extraction code and then the decode issue;

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