dragelec - monitoring the home

[2018-08-28 Tue 11:45] this was totally re-written during a 2hr flight; finally i achieved something useful on a plane. What is dragelec? Well it was a project initially started to alert me when there was a light or temperature issue with my bearded dragons enclosure and play a Polish radio station, it relied on; - one of the first raspberry pi's - a DS18B20 wired temperature sensor - an LDR - MPD - the commandline music player - some python code for monitoring and emailing Then when someone i know started to take 45-90min showers on a daily basis (strangely something i objected to) i decided to re-write it to monitor electricity so that i could confront said individual with evidence and when that didn't work it was again expanded to automatically shut off the internet if the usage was >5. [Read More]