Done. Moved to hugo

Well its done, the move to hugo has been started. Cannot say it is finished because there will be errors and always something to learn but i've removed wordpress and copied the hugo generated files to the host and thats now being served. Hopefully it will mean more updates (like this) but also clearer content besides as mentioned before i like the "old" feel as it harkens to the early days of bulletin boards (eg fidonet) and the young internet when the content to bullshit ratio was significantly different. [Read More]

arg - so close but yet so far

I'm close but so far from getting org and hugo working the way i want… which is down to my lack of knowledge more than anything

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Internally debating

Knowing what to do is sometimes a most difficult thing, i have so many ideas for projects and so many half started projects that occasionally i get lost, confused and dont know where to turn. For example; The dragelec project has been running for several years at one time it was simply recording data and emailing me when shower usage was excessive, i decided that wasnt enough and i wanted gauges … first google gauges then an epic voyage into socketio and my gauges work but instantly i think of incorporating these into the replacement car dashboard i had started - one project bleeds into another plus I'm now converting my website to Hugo and get distracted by trying to ensure content gets translated correctly, yes hugo now deals with orgmode files natively but there are elements that are not so good - headings, images etc thats without all the tuning of themes, re-writing content and so on… Wordpress worked, so why change and create all this extra "fog" well because hopefully once it gets set up i simply write a post in orgmode, publish it, and copy it across all automated (well except the writing part) thats the goal plus i like the idea of a static site, it reminds me of my first website in 1999 which among other things shared programs and macros written in OPL for Psion machines. [Read More]