catching up

A hot day for the UK my home monitoring system reports 38.91 in the garage …. so i decided to come back in doors for a short whilst and catch up on some work i've neglected.

This is from a walk down the local canal sometime ago, its quite heavily stylised but i like it;

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Since moving house we have more birds visiting the garden and even a family of squirrels that bound playfully through the trees at the bottom of the garden on the down side there are a few mice and rats which get attracted by the bird food but thats a small price to pay to be able watch all this from the comfort of the house. After watching them from a distance i decided to set up a little squirrel feed station for when its really icy/cold and it did not take them long at all to figure out there was food available. [Read More]


There was a time i was quite heavily in to photography, i had my own dark room working mainly in B&W. Preferred landscapes but occasionally did some model work but then i went digital and carried on for a short whilst but i think the magic disappeared. There was something uniquely magical about watching a print form in the solution how the image gradually faded into view and now everything is instant and before i would think about the image, plan its capture and now boom "oh that looks nice" snap snap throw discard once its been seen on the computer. [Read More]


A gallery of my photograhy

These are my humble attempts at black and white photography, some were captured on an EOS1n and printed in a home dark room the later ones are digital using EOS20D and now a Fuji XT-1. As you may notice I’m quite good at choosing titles….

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Life and Death

A battle of epic proportions

A year or two ago i was sat in the kitchen when i heard an awful sound from the front garden, I raced to open the door and intervene unsure of what it was and there right in front of me were the two combatants right on my doorstep.

They paused momentarily and both sets of eyes fixed on mine, gingerly I backed away and shut the door leaving them to their struggle. Thinking it was a waste as i had disturbed them mid-fight i raced for my camera, knowing the whole thing could be over in seconds with the escape of one and I was keen to get at least one semi blurry photo its not often you can that close to nature, i swapped lenses and leant out the upstairs window…..

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Photos from life gone by

I’ve had many varied technical jobs from simple, electrical maintenance, to ultrasonic rail inspector, aero-engine controls, PLC programmer, TCL/Python script writer and bonding expert. These are a few images from those past lifes.

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