Pi display

Dragelec did at one time update via socketio to a flask based website showing the temperatures, electricity usage etc rather than leaving the display on all the time i added a PIR to turn it on/off whenever a presence was detected, the following is the complete code;

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dragelec - monitoring the home

[2018-08-28 Tue 11:45] this was totally re-written during a 2hr flight; finally i achieved something useful on a plane. What is dragelec? Well it was a project initially started to alert me when there was a light or temperature issue with my bearded dragons enclosure and play a Polish radio station, it relied on; - one of the first raspberry pi's - a DS18B20 wired temperature sensor - an LDR - MPD - the commandline music player - some python code for monitoring and emailing Then when someone i know started to take 45-90min showers on a daily basis (strangely something i objected to) i decided to re-write it to monitor electricity so that i could confront said individual with evidence and when that didn't work it was again expanded to automatically shut off the internet if the usage was >5. [Read More]

sql learning and poor decode routine

Since converting to storing the data in sqlite form i've been learning how to extract specific sections of data ready to then learn how to graph it and serve on the home dashboard and during these experiments i can see my decode routine is not quite as efficient as i originally thought as it lets through non-numeric data so lets look at the sql extraction code and then the decode issue;

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