There was a time i was quite heavily in to photography, i had my own dark room working mainly in B&W. Preferred landscapes but occasionally did some model work but then i went digital and carried on for a short whilst but i think the magic disappeared. There was something uniquely magical about watching a print form in the solution how the image gradually faded into view and now everything is instant and before i would think about the image, plan its capture and now boom "oh that looks nice" snap snap throw discard once its been seen on the computer. [Read More]

sql learning and poor decode routine

Since converting to storing the data in sqlite form i've been learning how to extract specific sections of data ready to then learn how to graph it and serve on the home dashboard and during these experiments i can see my decode routine is not quite as efficient as i originally thought as it lets through non-numeric data so lets look at the sql extraction code and then the decode issue;

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python2 > 3, network drives, sql

I finally have some 'free' time :) so i upgraded a few things on the pi server but not without issues… From jessie to stretch - network drive For some reason the old command for mounting a network drive on the pi which worked on jessie did not work under stretch. I kept getting a host is down fault yet it was clearly not. The line i had in fstab before was; //192. [Read More]

emacs and orgmode

Yes, yet another post about emacs and orgmode (the web is full of them) but this is short and direct;

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politics & brexit a short rant

I don't normally post or talk about politics, religion etc because it is so argumentative and polarising and i've met many who are unable to discuss a counter argument or theory they just become enraged but brexit and Syria are two things i feel i need to put something down.

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shortened code

The module i wrote for decoding the sensor data stream bugged me it was too repetitive with multiple if statements ie;

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The holiday season begins

Already 4 days into my break from work and i'm bored. So much time is spent working, so much time is spent away from home now i'm here i cannot get motivated. No photography, no programming, just the odd argument, expenditure and of course gaming but even that is not interesting so in an effort to get motivated i've started to plan/structure my day firstly by updating this here exercise in futility (i still dont know why i keep this site). [Read More]


Well it has become apparent that i'm an idiot. Firstly somehow in the confusion of moving house it would seem i have left the current clamp attached to the old house mains …. meaning my smart meter is now not so smart and i need a new current clamp.

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Having no time to myself with travelling and all the hours at work i have not looked at any of my pi based projects which at the moment consist of; dragelec; the home smart meter currently lacking electricity car dash; a pi based replacement dashboard with GPS tracking/speed/music interface + OBD data monitoring due to an earlier mishap! portable; RFID scan/write using a display from wetterott timelapse and other random projects. [Read More]


Well I knew moving was stressful, moving an entire house on your own is additionally stressful but actually agreeing on decor, layout, appliances and so on just notches it up to kill me now stress levels.

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