The holiday season begins

Already 4 days into my break from work and i'm bored. So much time is spent working, so much time is spent away from home now i'm here i cannot get motivated. No photography, no programming, just the odd argument, expenditure and of course gaming but even that is not interesting so in an effort to get motivated i've started to plan/structure my day firstly by updating this here exercise in futility (i still dont know why i keep this site). So since i migrated to hugo from wordpress some content was missing, images, page on RFID and other stuff.

  • Job 1: update and correct mistakes in this site.

  • Job 2: RFID - i have a USB read/writer for which i've lost the software it reports under linux as a PL2303… and does nothing i think it needs a command sequence to read but at the moment nothing is working. This is a side project/investigation to get it working.

  • Job 3: begin re-write of dragelec

  • Job 4: well …. thats enough for now on the computer side :)

Still got all the shopping/food prep/arguments/places to visit etc

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