Well it has become apparent that i'm an idiot. Firstly somehow in the confusion of moving house it would seem i have left the current clamp attached to the old house mains …. meaning my smart meter is now not so smart and i need a new current clamp.

Secondly the python program works ok in py2 not py3 which is strange as i tried to write it in a such a way that it and on tests on the original pi it worked but on a new pi, a fresh install of Raspbian Stretch Lite it does not like python3.

Finally in the move i have lost several hard drives including the one i was using as a backup drive for my website, programming notes and other lessons.

Hmm 30yrs of tech, 30yrs of backing up files in multiple locations and finally i come unstuck because although i did in part follow my own rule of back it up twice it seems i wasnt particularly thorough. So now i am missing some vital project data, guides and how-tos that were meant for here plus some other personal data so i've re-purposed a pi as a SAMBA NAS which will be the hub of documents and am in the process of adding a second drive to use rsync for duplication. I did dally with syncthing but decided its not for me, although i may go back to it.

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