moving house

Argh - that pretty much sums up the process of moving from rented to a mortgaged house. It should have been easy, i mean i'm a first time buyer, big deposit, no ties, no chain in the place i'm buying nothing at all could make the process falter.

Ha naive bugger

Little did i know the searches would reveal an apparent public sewer pipe running through (ok under) the house, then waiting on solicitors to act, search providers to provide and eventually even the Water Company (which by the way may well have been the glacial company because after 14days of being instructed to act they still haven't even started) to investigate has meant a delay of months.

Sewer & drainage map

As you can see the map would suggest a pipe of some description running through the intended property, i dont believe it's a shit pipe…. why well shit is not exactly the material which is good at going round corners i'd say its a a waste water sewer but i'm up shit creek without a paddle. Stuck waiting for surveys/information and between solicitors, ok so are the sellers but if it falls though then they can stay where they are …. i might have to move.

Bollocks - a good robust English phrase which pretty much sums up how i feel.

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