arg - so close but yet so far

I'm close but so far from getting org and hugo working the way i want… which is down to my lack of knowledge more than anything

The more i use emacs/orgmode the more i learn and i had started to look at the publishing features of org which it has to be said are great; i can create an interlinked website with pictures quite easily but org exports with styles, even if i suppress these with #+OPTIONS: html-style:nil and export to html hugo doesnt interpret the links nor are the pictures displayed.

At a time when i have a lot going on - long working hours, moving house, completing other projects etc i just cannot be bothered to spend the time figuring it out or searching for a solution so i am going the easy route and not bothering. Anything with pictures or external links to files will get post edited for now. Arduous to be sure but effective.

At least i found (by reading!) an easy way to add a summary or the "read more" type of break and for that you simply add a single line on its own which contains (#) more note remove the brackets I've added them to stop hugo interpreting it as command.

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