aut viam inveniam aut faciam

And so you are here, the arse end of my blog. I make no apologies for its lack of interesting content this site is mine and mine alone.

I've been called a geek, freak and a loner. I like to see me as a traveller, learning, exploring and constantly pushing the boundaries of my knowledge both technically and on a personal human level.

My passion for computers started with a BBC Micro, then Spectrum ZX48k spending hours typing in code from magazines to learn then hacking high score tables or altering the headers to allow load from microdrive and not tape. Eventually it progressed to here where i try to learn and script in python, VBA and once in TCL for data analysis of aircraft engine data.

The origins of the site started in 1999, over the years it has evolved, migrated, died and been reborn for different purposes. Its current iteration is here purely for me,a place to occasionally comment on what is happening in the world but mostly to store things i've figured out or found useful and that perhaps somebody else may find useful - the very essence of writing them down helps me understand more. On here you will find bits of the afore-mentioned python plus stuff on emacs, orgmode and android,

As for me who am i/what am i? - Well much like this site I am work in progress, a constant desire to learn drives both me and some of the content of this site. A well travelled, worn and battered multi-discipline engineer though not ready to be worm food for many a decade yet.

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aut viam inveniam aut faciam