Yes this is me.

This site represents the ramblings and a journey of learning for me, this is my place sometimes a dumping ground sometimes a fully documented howto so i dont forget, you’re welcome to use whatever you like, and if perhaps something was of interest or use … why not say “hello”

To learn, to expand knowledge to experience is the reason for living, the day i stop learning, stop pushing the boundaries of my knowledge is the time to end it.

What else do you need?

my history

  • Alas the usual and perhaps not so usual history
    • married - divorced - no kids
  • Worked throughout Europe & Asia (in no order)
    • test bed engineer for aero-engines
    • automation engineer (robotics/plc programmer)
    • ultrasonic rail test
    • “simple” sparky (maintenance electrician)
    • maintenance manager
    • ha forgot this one … cobbler! 1st job at 15yrs old.
    • there might be a few more in the past but thats enough
  • Picked up many languages which range from a smattering to almost conversational
  • Always been a failed? geek
    • starting from ZX Spectrum’s hacking the headers to allow games to run from microdrive’s
    • on perhaps more than one occasion altering the high score table cos my dad kept beating me… (he never played against me again so wasnt such a good idea!)
    • running the school ahem piracy ring (sounds much grander than it was back then! a dual cassette recorder and a C90 tape)
    • working through many different beasts such as BBC Micro,Spectrums, QL, Amiga’s, PC’s, Macs - , Psion 3/3C/5(mx)
    • VBA & TCL, ending with linux / raspberry pi’s and python.
  • Currently employed as a Knowhow Bonding Engineer for a large French company.