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SSH access to Android

How to SSH into your android phone using Termux

Lee Halls

Lockdown experiment - could i run ssh and access my phone apparently the answer is yes if using the excellent Termux which i already use for emacs on android

elisp & yasnippet

setting a property depending on hostname

Lee Halls

I keep a journal in orgmode, ok its not updated regularly but frequently enough and i use three different devices to do so. I wanted to keep track of the device used and the location in which the entry was completed, on my phone i get round the lack of an android based emacs & orgmode by using neutrinote combined with texpand and tasker to automatically populate a text file with the necessary org heading, properties and latitude/longitude (see bottom)

Comparing Data

Dec2018 vs Dec2019

Lee Halls

After getting bokeh to graph data I started trying to compare years/months which did not quite go to plan especially as i had forgotten that despite dragelec running for almost 5yrs the SQL recording only started in Aug 2018…

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