Pi display

Dragelec did at one time update via socketio to a flask based website showing the temperatures, electricity usage etc rather than leaving the display on all the time i added a PIR to turn it on/off whenever a presence was detected, the following is the complete code;

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ping failure on device but not another

I recently set up an old first revision RPi in the garage with a DS18B20 sensor wired, set to monitor external ground temperature and broadcast via MQTT it was also intended to perform some other functions such garage door monitor, perhaps i'd add a PIR for alerts etc

Originally it was connected via cable through a netgear router configured as repeater and as such i could always ping it or ssh into it.

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it got warmer :)

I thought it was warm in the garage a few weeks ago but perhaps not as warm as was on the 25th July…

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catching up

A hot day for the UK my home monitoring system reports 38.91 in the garage …. so i decided to come back in doors for a short whilst and catch up on some work i've neglected.

This is from a walk down the local canal sometime ago, its quite heavily stylised but i like it;

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adding epoch time

Not pretty but it works…

After a power cut had stopped the data recording I decided to follow up on my post of storing the date in epoch format and not date/time converting the existing db to add an epoch column, what follows is not pretty probably not something anyone should follow. It's cobbled together from my beginners knowledge and of course internet searches…

I added an extra column manually using DB Browser for SQLite and then programmatically converted the combined date and time into epoch

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Poor choice at db creation

OK i've been ignoring brexit and the fact our politicians were granted a delay and promptly went on holiday….

So its been a little journey into utilising the data i've recorded for the last 9 months in an sqlite db and its at this point i realise that perhaps whilst my data is readable to me without parsing i should have stored dates/times in a different format.

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org syntax & agenda

OK i admit it, i've given up. Several weeks of on/off searching trialling and frustration mean i've for now given up. Essentially i decided (for whatever whimsical reason!) to move from the emacs diary to an org file..

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Brrr … ok we dont have the snow yet here and we definitely do not have the polar vortex weather being experienced in the States but it got pretty cold this morning.

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Although i've moved this over to hugo and everything is written in org i still havent found a way that suits me to create new posts, i know various things are available such as ox-hugo etc but nothing had so far clicked for me. So after using YASnippets for work related notes i realised this would work for me when creating a new post

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Since moving house we have more birds visiting the garden and even a family of squirrels that bound playfully through the trees at the bottom of the garden on the down side there are a few mice and rats which get attracted by the bird food but thats a small price to pay to be able watch all this from the comfort of the house. After watching them from a distance i decided to set up a little squirrel feed station for when its really icy/cold and it did not take them long at all to figure out there was food available. [Read More]