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it got warmer :)

The difference a day makes

Lee Halls

1 minute read

I thought it was warm in the garage a few weeks ago but perhaps not as warm as the 25th July…

The garage recorded a temperature of 45.11degC and a minimum for the entire day of 17.28degC makes me reconsider keeping the old netgear router in there!


The min/max for the 3 days (ok not full data available yet for today)

2019.07.25 17.28 45.11
2019.07.26 20.32 29.85
2019.07.27 17.19 20.27

on a different note i need to figure out how to link posts, all my files are written in org with the date as the file name (20190727.org) and then hugo simply converts them but i still havent figured out how to get a working link from for example the file with the date shown to another dated file

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