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org syntax & agenda

Struggling with org syntax for cylic events


OK i admit it, i've given up. Several weeks of on/off searching trialling and frustration mean i've for now given up. Essentially i decided (for whatever whimsical reason!) to move from the emacs diary to an org file..

So previously my diary simply contained lines such as;

%%(diary-anniversary 10 03 2017) marvin went paranoid - %d yrs old
%%(diary-anniversary 10 13 2017) supply switch over date - %d yrs ago
%%(diary-cyclic 14 1 04 2019) Black bin
%%(diary-cyclic 14 1 11 2019) Blue bin

really simple and it worked, ok the date system takes some remembering as its in x m d y where

  • x = number of re-occurrences if a cyclic event

  • m = month

  • d = day

  • y = year

easy enough but backwards for the UK who are always d.m.y or at worst y.m.d.

So after much searching and testing i managed to get an org file working with anniversaries and also a working %d element;

* Anniversaries
%%(org-anniversary 1969 2 14) Arthur Dent - %d yrs old

here you can see the date is easy its in y.m.d format and the %d reports correctly in the agenda, however for cyclic events you still need to use the diary-cyclic format so i have an entry which looks like

* Other dates
<%%(diary-cyclic 26 1 4 2019)>

however nothing shows, i've tried all date formats, different headings, moving it to the start of the file ie no heading but nothing i try manages to get it working. I've searched the googleplex and found indications that the format shown should work but still C-c a and nothing is shown in the org agenda.

Various sites i've search with results;




there were many moreā€¦ so if anyone wants to put me out of my misery (perhaps literally!) please mail.

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