aut viam inveniam aut faciam


I don't normally post or talk about politics, religion etc because it is so argumentative and polarising and i've met many who are unable to discuss a counter argument or theory they just become enraged but brexit and Syria are two things i feel i need to put something down.

Syria - a war which we the UK have helped to prolong, our media is so much of a propaganda machine that it cannot ever be consider unbiased. Where are the facts, the data, the information that shows the Western nations have supported the rebels against Assad. It may well be that he is the dictator that he's portrayed to be but we cannot sit still and say the length of the war, the violence, the deathtoll are all to be laid at his, Iran's or Russia's feet.

We have to accept our part in it

Ah brexit … firstly i am a remainer, always will be i dont see how it can be better to ignore and distance ourselves from cultures that are on our doorstep, close to us in religion and freedoms and try to get into bed with the Saudi's or other nations of completely different and often medieval and barbaric ideologies so i didnt agree with decision but i live in a democratic country which means i dont like it but i accept the result what continues to piss me off is that the lies, bullshit and basic incompetent arrogant behaviour of our political elite just gets worse. The referendum was quite possibly the worst example of blatant lying i've seen in an election this side of coverage of african elections, both sides rattled up the rhetoric, both sides continue to do so and to be honest i will never vote for either of the parties again, our media are also complicit in the debacle they simply cannot report without bias.

Now an unforseen consequence of this for me is EU dumps domains into the bin ok its early days and as i tend to not believe what i read without checking it might be ok or resolve itself but its not exactly a fair approach to even discuss.

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aut viam inveniam aut faciam