aut viam inveniam aut faciam

A year or two ago i was sat in the kitchen when i heard an awful sound from the front garden, I raced to open the door and intervene unsure of what it was and there right in front of me were the two combatants right on my doorstep.

They paused momentarily and both sets of eyes fixed on mine, gingerly I backed away and shut the door leaving them to their struggle. Thinking it was a waste as i had disturbed them mid-fight i raced for my camera, knowing the whole thing could be over in seconds with the escape of one and I was keen to get at least one semi blurry photo its not often you can that close to nature, i swapped lenses and leant out the upstairs window…..

The following photos are the best from over a hundred and fifty shots i took spanning a battle which lasted nearly 30 minutes. The quality is poor but when leaning out of a window on full zoom, no tripod and nervous I’m happy with them.

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