Flask & socketio “tutorial”

I’ve again written the steps i took to get flask/socketio and realtime gauges from the previous pages working in an org file. You can download the org from flask_socketio.org  or you can view a webpage via http://drakxtwo.eu/flask_socketio/flask_socketio.html  or visit the git repository: https://github.com/drakxtwo/gauges_flask_socketio

I hope the info is helpful, if there are questions feel free to ask.

Finally – working reactive gauges

After several weeks of trying i’ve finally managed to get canvas gauges and socketio working. My home dashboard now has temperature gauges which update every time a new value is received and the electricity “meter” reacts albeit with a delay. There is one caveat … i dont know what affect this will have on the network, whether there will be a performance hit from this, i’m operating outside of my knowledge lol. I understand what websockets do, i understand the pythonic aspect in that i know the purpose of all but what the affect is i still have to figure out.

Working websocket/canvas gauges