Setting a Raspberry Pi up from scratch


The steps i take to setup my raspberry pi’s are listed in an orgmode generated webpage here:



The whole content is written in emacs org mode and exported using the excellent html theme developed by Fabrice Niessen you can find the theme on his github pages.


Hopefully the content will be useful for some, i’ll also be uploading the org file to my own github.



Major re-organisation of content, tags, categories was needed so posts deleted, content tidied new theme and a move to a more structured approach. This all came about as part of move to using orgmode for project management, code writing etc. considering dumping wordpress and just moving everything to a static site (like the old days) and using emacs/orgmode to create the content.


All raspberry pi projects have had major updates along with moving code into github and running nextcloud on a pi3. It’s been busy and i need to update here more but one step at a time….

Too many ideas not enough time.


Hobbies are great, unless you’re committed truly committed to one goal, one idea they can often spark a whole series of creative projects or investigations. Take the Raspberry Pi & python now combine it with my job … i have access to parking distance sensors, cameras all sorts of car paraphernalia and hence a new project.

Using the linbus protocol as used on cars to talk to various devices such as the distance sensors (PDC’s) etc Purely to see if i can write the python code and build my own GUI / PDC system…