shortened code

The module i wrote for decoding the sensor data stream bugged me it was too repetitive with multiple if statements ie; if "ABT" in llapMsg: # front room temp try: aABTEMP = float(llapMsg[7:12]) print("AB temp level = %.2f - detected at %s " % (aABTEMP, time.strftime("%H:%M:%S"))) except: print( "Cannot decode - msg detected: %s - detected at %s " % (llapMsg, time.strftime("%H:%M:%S"))) if "ACT" in llapMsg: # external temp try: aACTEMP = float(llapMsg[7:12]) print("AC temp level = %. [Read More]

The holiday season begins

Already 4 days into my break from work and i'm bored. So much time is spent working, so much time is spent away from home now i'm here i cannot get motivated. No photography, no programming, just the odd argument, expenditure and of course gaming even that is not so interesting so in an effort to get motivated i've started to plan/structure my day firstly by updating this here exercise in futility (i still dont know why i keep this site). [Read More]


Well it has become apparent that i'm an idiot. Firstly somehow in the confusion of moving house it would seem i have left the current clamp attached to the old house mains .... meaning my smart meter is now not so smart and i need a new current clamp.

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Having no time to myself with travelling and all the hours at work i have not looked at any of my pi based projects which at the moment consist of; dragelec; the home smart meter currently lacking electricity car dash; a pi based replacement dashboard with GPS tracking/speed/music interface + OBD data monitoring due to an earlier mishap! portable; RFID scan/write using a display from wetterott timelapse and other random projects. [Read More]


Well I knew moving was stressful, moving an entire house on your own is additionally stressful but actually agreeing on decor, layout, appliances and so on just notches it up to kill me now stress levels.

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Well after much deliberation (6 months!) i've gone and done it.... today i received an Amazon Echo. I'd read reviews, considered privacy, looked at alternatives thought about if i was comfortable talking to no one .. then realised i've been doing it for years

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moving house

Argh - that pretty much sums up the process of moving from rented to a mortgaged house. It should have been easy, i mean i'm a first time buyer, big deposit, no ties, no chain in the place i'm buying nothing at all could make the process falter.

Ha naive bugger

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info overload

Information overload - over the years i've collected terabytes of data in different forms, books, cd's, pdf's, word documents, emails and so on. Finding that one bit of critical info is a pain, my work laptop has over 45g of standards, specifications and so on stuff that should be referenced yet because it is often buried in subdirs or perhaps i've given the document i created a title which made sense at the time but months/years later means nothing i cannot find that which i need. [Read More]

Done. Moved to hugo

Well its done, the move to hugo has been started. Cannot say it is finished because there will be errors and always something to learn but i've removed wordpress and copied the hugo generated files to the host and thats now being served. Hopefully it will mean more updates (like this) but also clearer content besides as mentioned before i like the "old" feel as it harkens to the early days of bulletin boards (eg fidonet) and the young internet when the content to bullshit ratio was significantly different. [Read More]